What I Do

I create content, digital products, and build brands through research. I use design methods to uncover insights and systems thinking to construct frameworks for content creation. I use these tools to define audiences, develop content strategies, and design for experience.

How I lead

I encourage my teams to pay attention to each other. I create opportunities for them to show their interests, their work, and their inspirations. I believe that building a happy, high-performing team starts with empathy, listening, and understanding.

How can we create a fitness experience through the lens of football?

Young football players look to the stars of the NFL for health and fitness inspiration. Insights from competitive and user research positioned NFL UP! with the following theme: Up your game like your favorite player. Fans are encouraged to vote to unlock workout tips and advice from their favorite NFL players. NFL Up! is a cross-platform experience with touch points on NFL Network (TV), desktop and mobile.

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How can we socialize the touchdown?

NFL Spiral curates videos of the most popular NFL plays in real-time based on social shares. Fans participate by sharing videos of big plays complete with contextualized messages with their friends and followers.

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